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Vegetarian Grilled Sandwiches

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Here are ten flavour-packed vegetarian and vegan grilled sandwiches that I’ve come across on some of my favourite food blogs.

They’ve all got something special about them – a Mexican flavour, a veggie take on a classic Philly cheesesteak, European inspiration, mushrooms (yep, mushrooms – to me mushrooms are a special thing!) and two vegan sandwiches – a grilled wrap with garama masala and hummus, and one with homemade vegan cheese.

Each one  is perfect to serve with your favourite soup or salad.

I didn’t create any of them, so have linked each one back to its owner’s blog for you to get the recipe and enjoy their amazing photography.


Vegetarian Grilled Sandwiches

Photograph by Robyn Lee | CCBYNCND2.0